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Chico's Off The Rack

Perfect Stretch Josie Geo Jacquard Skort

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Chico's Off The Rack

Perfect Stretch Josie Seahorses Skort

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Women's Dresses FAQs

Does Chico's Off the Rack have affordable women's dresses and skirts?

Yes, we have affordable skirts and dresses for women that are suitable for all occasions. This is your opportunity to buy a formal dress for an upcoming event or refresh your wardrobe for work while enjoying deeply discounted prices. The best part is you'll still get the quality women's clothing you've come to love.

Your money goes further, so you can also find accessories and shoes to complete your look while staying on budget.

What types of dresses can I buy for formal events?

Which dress is right for a formal event will likely depend on factors like the setting, theme, and weather. However, there are some guidelines you can follow to help you shop.

Typically, you'll want something longer that goes at least to your mid-calf. When it comes to material, dresses made from velvet, satin, and lace always make excellent options for formal wear. If the event is considerably upscale, you may want to choose a style with minimal embellishments and a more subdued hue.

If you're in need of a dress for a semi-formal event, cocktail dresses are usually your best choice. They may be a bit shorter and slightly less elevated. With less formal events, you can usually embrace your creativity when it comes to more vibrant colors and bold designs.

What's the best style dress or skirt for me?

There are a few factors that go into deciding on the best style of women's dresses or skirts for you. Your height and body shape are a good starting point, but you also have to consider the occasion or setting as well.

Women who are tall and slender may lean toward longer dresses with sleek silhouettes or high waists to flatter their figure. In contrast, women who are of average height and have curves benefit most from shorter lengths to visually elongate the legs and balance their proportions. You may also want to consider matching sets that fit the occasion as an alternative.

When shopping, also consider what colors best flatter your skin tone and which styles will coordinate best with shoes or jewelry if you have something specific you were hoping to wear.

How do you style a dress based on the occasion?

The best thing about our dress selection is how versatile it is, so we can help you look and feel your best for every occasion.

Dresses with sleek profiles and simple designs are usually best for the office. Pair them with a blazer in a crop or a relaxed fit for a chic yet professional look. Add a pair of simple earrings or a watch with flats for a sophisticated outfit that exudes confidence.

On the other hand, you'll want something with flattering draping and feminine movement for a romantic evening out. Finish off the ensemble with statement jewelry and your favorite heels or boots.

When gathering with friends for a special occasion, you might choose something that shines for the celebration. Wear lighter colors for daytime events like baby showers and birthday parties, while eveningwear usually embodies richer hues. If it's cool outside, throw a shawl or cardigan over your dress.

Shop dresses, skirts, and pants for every occasion on your itinerary.

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